Week 2 Challenge – Poem to Song

All faults may be forgiven of him who has perfect candor.

-Walt Whitman


I love that quote. For this week, I’m going to put it in this context:

Sing it like you mean it, be honest,  make something real, and it will endure. If you are trying to fit into a certain style, or reach a certain technical standard, then you will always be compared to others, but if your striving to be the fullest “You” that you can be, the standard becomes the candor itself – and it either is or it isn’t. Explore what you are! Go excavating!

This Week’s Challenge:

Find a poem. Set it to music. Give melody to the words.

My due date is Saturday March 5th! I’m hoping to get this in earlier to try to make up for lost time from Week 1!

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